Cynthia Avishegnath

Psalm 8: The human race is the chosen race.

Jews are the people chosen by G'd to bring to fruition that the human race is the chosen race.

The Sabbath is the only interface between humans and our Creator, our only path of salvation. No god, nor messiah, or messenger will supplant or replace the Sabbath as the only path of salvation for humankind.

The Sabbath is the allegorical contractual API, to allow even atheists to attain salvation and a relationship with G'd. You don't have to believe in Spring Framework to satisfy its contractual interfaces. You just need to write your programs in satisfaction to its contractual interface.

A contractual interface is the set of known parameters in a universe filled with uncertainties and unknowns. No child sacrifice, nor penance, nor ancestral merits, can bribe the Sabbath to avoid satisfying the Sabbath yourself.

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