Tel Aviv, Israel


I'm Bar Arnon, a performance driven developer at Microsoft.
Working on Azure Data Explorer.
Worked on Microsoft ATA & Azure ATP.

  • Blog: i3arnon.com
  • Twitter: @i3arnon
  • GitHub: @i3arnon
  • CV: http://stackoverflow.com/cv/i3arnon

Blog posts:

  • Introducing AsyncUtilities
  • ConcurrentDictionary Is Not Always Thread-Safe
  • Duck Typing And Async/Await
  • The Issue With Scoped Async Synchronization Constructs
  • Return Any (Task-Like) Type From An Async Method
  • Not All Beginnings Must Have An End
  • TPL Dataflow Is The Best Library You're Not Using
  • Async LINQ To Objects Over MongoDB
  • On The Efficiency Of ValueTask
  • Protobuf-net is broken around DateTime
  • Surprising Contention in System.Threading.Timer
  • LongRunning is useless for Task.Run with async-await
  • LogicalOperationStack Is Broken With async-await
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