John Judd

Adelaide, South Australia

I started programming in 1981 when my high school purchased two Apple ][ computers and installed them in the Physics lab. I spent many recess, lunch times, and study periods in that lab learning how to program in Basic and 6502 assembler.

My professional developer career took off in 1984 when I took a job at a small development house, working with COBOL ERP systems, and graduating 4 years later to C based programming which has been my staple pretty much ever since. I have developed software using C/C++ and C#, as well as Java, VB, PHP, and Rails.

I have worked in a number of industries during my career, developing software for business systems, telecoms, and defence applications. In December 2009, I struck out on my own and started Codeboss. Since then I have worked with clients doing EDI, systems integration, and lately website development.