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Coral Springs FL

Recently working with a university's horticulture department researching LED grow lighting and also creating web apps for an immunology laboratory.

I was an accomplished electrical engineer in the 80's where I designed integrated circuits for IBM, GE, and GM. Designed IBM's first Ethernet card for the PC which made the cover of PC Magazine. I have no formal college degree.

In the 90's wrote hundreds of custom DOS and Windows apps for small businesses. Self taught programmer.

In 1995 began manufacturing a telecom device on a manufacturing line set up in my house with a pick and place robot to place the components and convection oven to solder them in place. Device won Editors' Choice award from Computer Telephony Magazine.

In 1996 wrote my first Web App in perl. Had to create my own database engine for this app.

In 2007 won Internet Telephony Magazine's Editor's Choice Best of Show for introducing a very high reliability and extremely secure VoIP and security appliance platform.

Specialized in fast and efficient program code, web apps, and highly efficient web page performance. My web pages can score 100% in Google's Page Speed, Yahoo's YSlow Speed, Google's PageSpeed Insights "Usability Assesment" , and the W3C's Mobile OK assessment.

Typical web page load times are 0.250 to 0.500 seconds.

I have the World's fastest (formats and outputs 10,000 comments per second) multi-threaded discussion forum web app written in php. Also have the World's fastest online PoS app.

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