I love problem-solving. I love the sweet feelings of exhilaration, determination, frustration, and hopefully relief as a problem presents itself, challenges me, and is ultimately solved by me. Programming is the peak of problem-solving. One of my friends - who has never touched the matter - believes that it is "black and white" - that it is nothing more than a science. I believe it is much more. To me it is more of an art than a science. It is the art of logic - or rather the art of communicating logic. Code is indeed very straight-forward and rigid, but with it someone can implement a concept never thought of before, and teach the computer to elegantly solve it with speed and efficiency - and that is indeed an art. The only limits are your own logical abilities.


  • OS: Linux (any distro)
  • Languages: C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • IDEs: IntelliJ, PyCharm, Visual Studio, Atom
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