Long time Linux n00b. Still learning ... and learning ... and learning!

Started with Mandrake. Loved it every way. But, that encounter was brief because that distro disappeared before I could get used to it.

Played with various RPM (names are obvious) and Deb based distros. Used Ubuntu, with reservations, from 2005 through 2010. By early 2010, I had enough of Ubuntu's craziness (bad package dependencies, unnecessary packages that could not be uninstalled, etc). So, in late 2011, I switched to Xubuntu. I have been enjoying Xubuntu till date. (Fingers crossed. Knock Wood. Pray to the Gods that Xubuntu will always stay sane.)

Planning to play with Arch ... first in a VM ... to see if I can switch all my systems at home from 6-months release cycles to a good rolling release.

Currently trying out Mac OS X on a couple of MBA-s.

Back story: Eons ago I graduated with a degree in computer engineering. Then I worked on developing software for networking systems. Then, I met a lot of bad people so I retired, earlier than most people normally do. I am still in retirement, but inflation is going to force me back into the work force so I can meet more bad people. (JK)