Noble Mushtak

Hi! I'm Noble H. Mushtak, a computer science and maths combined major at Northeastern University. I'll come to StackOverflow or Math StackExchange occasionally to have a burst of answering questions for a few days in a row, and then stop answering questions for a while. I regularly come to Math StackExchange and StackOverflow from Google and view/vote on questions, however.

I really like to help new users, but sometimes they post low-quality questions because they are new to StackExchange. Therefore, I always leave them a helpful comment like this in order to help them understand how to ask better questions. Please try not to be rude to new users, even though low-quality questions can be frustrating.

Also, I have a YouTube channel about high school competition math that some of you might find interesting because there are some cool problems on there.

This proof of showing two definitions of conics are equivalent is by far the Q&A I'm most proud of.


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