Berker Yüceer



Computer science associate class programmer..

I'm still a learner and ever will be.

I'm mostly using jQuery, C#, .Net MVC.. but some times I also head for vb6 when needed.

I have experience with IBM iSeries AS400 system and SQL database.

I also have experience on stocking programs and certificate programs.

Usually working on WEB Services such as End-to-End Travel Agency Software.

Also searching for new extreme ideas that would make office life more easier and secure.

Really like debugging.. It helps me to understand others style/way of thinking.

Till now I've done all the projects only by my self but I really wanna get into team projects. Reason I've been alone so far is; I was the only guy that knew other programming languages/systems than IBM's AS400 in my company but also with AS400 programmers I've achieved many things.