Denver, CO, USA

Python developer, back end mostly. Active on LinkedIn representing the trade.

2018 Status:

  • 15 years experience in development
  • 10 Python (current focus)
  • 5 on Django (primary framework)
  • Let's go way back +10 years in digital design prior
  • Relational DB focused (MySQL, PGSQL), some NoSQL experience
  • PM, Sr, and higher title experience
  • 3+ years Silicon Alley start-ups (NYC)
  • API consume/create including Django REST
  • Docker and dev-ops chops (Vagrant and others before that)
  • AWS yes but the ecosystem is big
  • Interested in team/iteration management
  • (ad) Agency and Enterprise experience
  • Solid in BASH, *nix, and associated technology
  • Queue systems (Redis, RabbitMQ) including Celery
  • Cautious advocate for testing with experience CI/CD, TDD, BDD, unit, etc

My primary focus is web applications leaning towards back-end development for small to medium sized teams or business. Areas of focus or experience include:

  • E-commerce, considerable Shopify API experience
  • HIPAA development
  • METRC certified
  • Brownfield, rescue, and rebuild
  • Slack development (bots, automation, integration)
  • Interest in information security a desirable career consideration
  • Currently learning Elixir/Phoenix and React
  • Feature development
  • Technical due diligence

Small private teams only.