John Humphreys - w00te

New York, NY

I love programming and my strongest language is Java, particularly in the Spring/Boot framework, though I've coded with pretty much everything at this point. I'm starting to use Python pretty heavily as well these days.

I'm currently working on cloud operations and application orchestration, but in the past I heavily worked on MapR Hadoop with Spark +/- Streaming, Kafka/MapR-DB and OpenTSDB. I'm also very accustomed to working with large databases.

I also enjoy web development and am relatively competent with Web Pack / AngularJS / etc. and plan on learning Angular 4/5/typescript at my next availability. I did, however, recently shut down my home website and replace it with a word-press site to save time. I'm porting the articles over gradually to

I've developed software in the chemical/films industry, for military contractors, and for various financial companies, and now I work at Nielsen (which does ratings and product analysis).

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