1h drive westward from Stockholm, Sweden

A tired, not yet retired engineer

I have been using computers since the times of Apple][ ...
That was more than ten years before Linus released the very first Linux kernel (1996).

Sadly that doesn't make my computer knowledge better ;-) I've seen a vast diversity of PC-grade machines and software - and that might be one reason; it has simply been too many.

- amateur photographer - see http://flickr.com/arkane
- jumped ship on MS OS'es in early 2014.
- been dabbling with Linux/bash for a long time.

Seen: Visicalc, dBase, Wordperfect, DPaint, Deluxe MCS, The Art Department Pro, ImageFX, Devpac, Lattice SAS/C. Almost all versions of Windows since v3.1 including Excel, Word, Acrobat, Photoshop 2.x+, 300bps modems+, Scanners from when a top model was 300 DPI max, early video-Digitizers, 8"/5.25"/3.5" floppies and disks, 5-20MB XT/MFM HDDs some larger than 10 Raspberry Pi's together...

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