Phoenix, AZ

I live in one of the worst states for education in this country, but this is not just a a poorly run and educated state; it's my poorly run and educated state.

I'm an artist, a poet, a scholar, a writer, a mentor, a eldest sibling, and perhaps more that I can't remember.

I take deep interest in the lives of other people, what they believe, and what they hope to be.

Devout christian, not sure if God exists; but it seems that he does to me. Hopefully if I die and there is another God there, they won't be mad at me.

I enjoy almost all forms of entertainment, even the bads ones. Bad art is fun to laugh about.

Oh and um... I hate xenophobes. Every time I see one, I kinda lose it. I'm pretty American, I like being around lots of different people.

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