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SaturnAPI is a workpad for MATLAB-Octave, MathJax-TeX, MongoDB, React, SmartLink and Babel-ES6. You can quickly test, save and share your code. You can also use Saturn to add MATLAB-Octave capabilities to your app. Our mission is to be the best API hosting platform bringing together a community of scientists, engineers, developers, businesses, and everyone else in between to share ideas. You can write your own code, use publicly available APIs, or fork code from others and modify it to meet your needs.

Simple example: https://vpartition.meteor.com/ is an app to perform Voronoi partitioning on latitude and longitude data. It was built using SaturnAPI and Meteor. Very easy to do. If you want the source code, see https://github.com/saturnapi/voronoi-partitioning.

Ever needed to solve some equations or make 3D plots for your app? We're here to get your functionality to the next level, so tell us if you need to do calculations beyond simple arithmetic. We'll help build a custom API for your needs, or you can make your own API. All feedback is appreciated.


P.S. Regarding my profile picture. That's what I call full stack development.