Matt Messersmith


Some of what I think are my better answers (these are not in order of votes, you can see that by filtering on votes below):

  • Should I test private methods or only public ones?
  • What is the best way of testing private methods with GoogleTest? (similar to above, but less general)
  • Why commit without a push in git?
  • Why do numpy array arr2d[:, :1] and arr2d[:, 0] produce different results?
  • Possible Memory-leaks with smart pointers
  • why is a sum of strings converted to floats

I'm a Software Architect for IR (InfraRed) and SAR (Sythetic Aperture Radar) systems at The Stratagem Group.

I also blog, where you might be interested in Tech Talk Tuesdays. On Tuesdays I occasionally condense a long (1hr+) talk from a famous software professional down to about a 10-15 minute read.

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