Richmond, VA

I love to make web, to improve code, and to improve myself and others as part of a team

I currently make web with ASP.Net and Javascript, but I'm also a starting to learn NodeJS. I find web development to be fascinating because you can dig down as far as you want. In the browser, you can inspect every last part of your application and all of its dependencies. On the wire, you can see every byte of every HTTP request and response. And I love to wire up different systems by providing and consuming APIs over the web.

I improve code by analyzing it and deciphering the original intent, then by removing dead and duplicate code, refactoring, writing documentation, and automating tests, builds and deployments. Doing so results in increased clarity and reliability of the code.

I improve myself with code reviews, continual online training, user groups, and conferences. A good code review results in all participants sharing knowledge with each other. User groups and conferences provide opportunities to learn and connect with professionals in the community.

I improve others by teaching and sharing. Sometimes this is done in person by sitting down for a pairing session, by giving a short lunchtime talk, or by giving a more formal talk at a user group or conference. I also share things I learn on my blog.

Finally, I value having a client who is involved regularly, and I value having a team that is continually improving its skills and its processes.



Twitter: @codethug

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