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Bill Oertell


With USMC in early 70's I was an avionics tech working at intermediate level on transponders and TACANs. (The Navy/USMC had three maintenance levels: Line, Intermediate, and Rework.)

I bought my first computer back around 1985, an 8086 with 16 KB of memory, two 5.25 inch floppies, and no hard drive. I bought a 32 MB hard drive for it not long afterward. The thing was so heavy you could use it for a boat anchor.

With AT&T I started out working in the field installing phone lines. My last ten years with them I supported, designed, and tested an in-house web (IE) application.

My interests include computing, Excel VBA, BASIC, and photo editing. I have also played with assembler and Pascal. I also like photography, science in general but am particularly interested in physics, chemistry, and earth sciences.

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