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Mooing Duck

Washington, United States

Random Links: C++ for Kernel Drivers, C++14 draft, Choosing a container, ajax loader, istream from buffer

My Pictures: throwing constructors

My Code: stl style iterators, stl style containers, map of string to functions with different signatures, istream formatted input, copying a graph, heap memory tracker, stack tracer C++03, stack tracer C++11, chained comparisons, my fibonacci implementation, C++03 unique_ptr, Simple RDP, value_iterator, tree-based vector, finally, switch on anything, throw from stream, combination generator, O(1) Overhead "quicksort", returning multiple values, COM ptrptr, Simple Tokenizer, DebugOut, No missing initializers, Double Dispatch, Named Parameters, Evil Hangman, next_combination, next_increasing,

ThePhD: "To this day, MooingDuck has probably been the most helpful lounge person I've come across."
Dzek Trek: "@MooingDuck is the best teacher here. He explains everything in the way that just listeners want to hear."
Dan: You explain things fully and in a way that just makes sense to me.
Mr.Anubis: I check your c++ answers regularly to learn just so to say :)
Drise: You don't understand how thankful I am for what you gave me. Holy crap, it's so elegant.
Mohamed Ahmed Nabil: Always listen to @MooingDuck , He is wise

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