I'm here to help and learn!

When I was a kid, I promised myself with a very strong emotion, that I will become a good programmer.

A good programmer for society, others and for that Random Equation that I talked about few years back. If you think I have failed to become what I am maybe the Random Equation has changed where I might having different predictable events in life. For me, I don't think I have failed the mission but TIME might have redirected me to different events. Maybe I'm not a good programmer but I can be a Black Hat Hacker (a bad programmer). Life is about Random Equation so things can change randomly.

Time is valuable in every second for me to lean new things and contribute to society, and others before and after this life is over. I believe knowledge is a tool of power and this is the reason I love learning new things. I might be less social to somebody but believe me I'm trying my best to talk about something else that is not related to my hobbies.