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If you want to communicate with me, please, sent me an email (my address is mentioned at my web page).

I am maintainer of Czech/Slovak support for TeX more than 20 years (csplain, csfonts, cspsfonts etc.). My credo is: simplicity is power. This is a reason why I never supported LaTeX, because it implements simple features by complicated macros. I prefer to teach the users how TeX works inside. This is more valuable than to say: use some complicated package as blackbox.

My last project is called OPmac. It implements most of LaTeX features by simple macros. The whole implementation is on 1,7k lines in one file while comparable implementation in LaTeX is on 80k lines of code in many tens of files. There are features not supported in LaTeX too: index and bibliography sorted in OPmac without the need to use any external program.

I wrote many texts for Czech users including two free available books TeX for pragmatics and TeXbook inside out. The first one is for beginners, the second one is for programmers and gives a complete overview of TeX internals written in exactly language. These books are very demanded by Czech TeX users.

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