Singapore, Singapore

I'm the Solution Director Innovation for HCL Software, looking after an incredibly talented team of engineers based in Manila, Philippines. I hold multiple Salesforce certifications.

Before that I worked in various roles: Salesforce Program Architect Director, IBM Code Mage for Collaboration & Cloud in IBM ASEAN; NotesSensei for IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, independent consultant and CTO for startups long before they became en vogue and venture backed.

I started with COBOL (while studying economic, since there were no spreadsheets then), move to dBase and Foxpro. Fell in love with @1-2-3 and Lotus Agenda. Lotus Notes was the next logical step which I started with V2. I do JavaScript, Java & VB.NET and XML and XSLT. My first mobile application ran on a Palm Pilot mobilising a SAP inventory system (that was already last century). I love the maker movement and got a cupboard full of electronics to tinker with.

I live in Singapore. My core interests are knowledge management and eLearning. I'm a certified counselor for personcentric organisational development. And yes: plenty of Salesforce certs too.

If you feel something is too complicated, chat with me, I'll explain it in simple terms.

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