New York, United States


Just like everyone I am here to learn 'n share knowledge.

By profession I am a DBA/Developer. I manage Prod, Dev, QC and Test databases.. so I am kind of database guy of our company. And my work requires me to also work with SSIS, SSRS, Crystal Reports, ASP.NET, C#, Silverlight, IIS, Visual Foxpro, Windows Servers and Linux... and recently I have dabbled in realm of DevOps (Powershell, DSC, automation yada yada yada). I like to write, more as a personal journal. In my free time either I am tinkering with new/old software/hardware or building/rebuilding/improving my rig or fixing somebody's computer or learning to code or playing games or making something out of scrap in our garage ;) ...

I also like to test my knowledge time to time by certification, I have following certifications :

  • MCTS SQL Server 2005
  • MCTS SQL Server 2008
  • OCA - 10g
  • OCE (PL/SQL)

IMHO, every one should Google the question before asking at any forum because most of time solution is already there in 1st result link (unless you are using Bing ;) )

And yes, I really love to work with Linux.