S Meaden

London, United Kingdom

Excel VBA programmer of TEN years, mainly in investment banks. Though I am far from being just a tactical macro developer as I have authored many strategic codebases over the years.

I also consider myself knowledgeable in those strategic Enterprise technologies that deliver value specifically to the Excel platform, such as Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) , Microsoft .NET, C++. That is to say I know plenty about:

  • Com Dlls called from Excel VBA;
  • .NET Assemblies called from Excel VBA;
  • C++ Xlls called from worksheet from Excel VBA;
  • Windows (Win32) API calls that allow breaking out of Excel VBA constraints.

(but not say .NET ASP, WPF or C++ device drivers which have nothing to do with Excel)

Currently beginning an interest in JavaScript for two reasons:

  1. web technologies and tech start-ups must be quite exciting places to work;
  2. it is the language of not only Smartphone 'Apps' but also Office 'Apps'.

I will try to answer questions about Excel VBA and in return I will ask (what some people might consider dumb) questions about JavaScript.

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