United States

Studying computer science, focused on an area I'm not especially fond of that should give me the best range of choices when I move on to a proper university or get a career. Forever working towards the brighter side of the grey area between incompetence and competence. I know enough about a wide range of subjects to get myself into trouble, and know enough about some of said subjects to divert the trouble as well.

As far as programming languages are concerned, I'm most familiar with bash (and its family), Java, HTML, and CSS. I've also toyed with C, C++, Haxe (and the Haxepunk libraries), Lua, Ruby, and Python. Please don't ever make me handle serious GUI development with Java, I will literally die. I can use vi and similar editors, I simply choose not to. I can use regex rather well. If there is a strange way of doing something, that's the way I'll end up doing it unless instructed otherwise.

Way too interested in music, mountains, cooking, game development, art, science, and electrical engineering. As interested but not as invested in reading, gardening, psychology, philosophy, history, and foreign languages. I love learning new things and helping others learn what I know- your knowledge isn't any good if it dies with you.

Arguably a nice enough fellow~