Jason More

Minneapolis, MN, United States


I enjoy learning new technologies and methodologies, and how they are applicable to existing ideas. I strive to understand better ways that people interact with technology to make their lives easier and more productive. Current interests include KnockoutJS, Git, Asp.net MVC4, Ruby on Rails, and polyglot programming.

-- Professional Speaking Presentations:

"KnockoutJS and SignalR Mashup" Code Camp Spring 2012

Source Code: http://github.com/jasonmore/familyfeud

Slides: http://bit.ly/FamilyFeudSlides

"Advanced Javascript"

Source Code: http://bit.ly/JavascriptAdvancedCode

Slides: http://bit.ly/JavascriptAdvancedSlides

"Begining Javascript"

Source Code: http://bit.ly/JavascriptIntroCode

Slides: http://bit.ly/JavascriptIntroSlides