New Delhi


  • Creator of InstantMusic.
  • InstantMusic trended at #1 spot on HackerNews and received over 900 stars on Github. https://github.com/yask123/Instant-Music-Downloader

  • Google Summer Of Code'15 , Python Software Foundation.

  • Open source advocate, contributed to various organisations such as Mozilla, KDE, Moin Moin Wiki Engine. http://github.com/yask123

  • Co-Founder of JEEQuery, a QnA web app that helps students prepare for IIT-JEE. http://www.jeequery.com/

For more interesting projects written by me, check out: http://iyask.me/#projects

Personal website: http://iyask.me/ Blog: http://iyask.me/blog

Jabber: yask123@gmail.com — IRC: yask on irc.freenode.net—WWW: http://iyask.me — Twitter: @yask123