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Berlin, Germany

Skill levels

  • Software: Senior software developer; >10 years pro experience; learned to read with C64 user manual; languages I've been paid for writing stuff in: VB, Xojo, Java, Python, Bash, HTML/JS, C, C++, ObjC, IDL, Swift, SQL, PHP; supermajority of recent experience has been iOS/Swift.
  • Maths: Double maths A-level (UK qualification between school and university).
  • Sciences: Only one published paper with my name on it, and that was the industrial placement year of my degree. Enthusiastic amateur, mainly physics rather than chemistry or biology, but don't assume I know anything beyond A-level physics even though I watch degree-level relativity lectures for fun.
  • Natural languages: 🇬🇧: Native; 🇩🇪: Ein Schwachkopf Kind > Mich > Ein Tourist; 🇫🇷: GCSE (high-school); 🇬🇷/Esperanto: Similar skill level as my French, but not formally tested.
  • Everything else: N00b (i.e. either GCSE or no formal qualifications).


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  • Mobile developer in Berlin
  • Writing a near-future SciFi novel
  • Working through the entirety of

Professional interests

  • iOS
  • Augmented reality
  • Machine learning

Personal interests

  • Learning languages
  • Philosophy
  • Exploring places
  • Recreational mathematics
  • The near-future implications of existing technology
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