Like many who came before me, and undoubtedly many to come after me, I am an individual who has for almost as long as I can remember been keenly interested in playing and designing games (Its my close Number 2 passion after Changing the World - yeps I've set myself up for a lifetime of disappointment ^_~).

My personal development since under the age of 10 has been STOS > QuickBASIC > PASCAL... and then apathy took hold (Its not a bad language - but my perspective of it grew dim at the time) and I shifted away from coding. I have since also gained a grasp of basic HTML - and a little SQL.

For a number of years I've been interested in learning C or Visual BASIC, even Delphi (due to its roots) - and am recently set on C# - I am using YouTube for the purpose of self-learning but to say that I have a basic grasp would be wild optimism on my part.

Areas of game development that I am interested in include:

  • Game Mechanics
  • Pseudo Intelligence (AI)
  • World Building
  • Digital Weirdness (code is liberty)

What I hope for:

  • Learning C# (possibly more) without being a burden
  • To code a few cool games
  • To not give up again

No, I don't wish to be a lone wolf but neither do I feel that my projects have any more worth than anybody else's. What will be will be.