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San Francisco, CA, United States

Professionally I'm an consultant for SAP EPM and Analysis For Office. In my spare time I come on here and say things that occasionally are helpful. I think Ethereum is pretty cool. For those that are interested, my screen name is PG, as in Pretty Good, SystemTester. I think many of us are System Testers and you can find them far beyond the IT world; comedians, legal, social and even among children all challenge systems that have flaws in them. If a system/rule is to be built and expected to be functional, it must be able to withstand scrutiny from aggressive System Testers. Thus to paraphrase a quote from a wise man name Snoop Dogg... "Don't hate the user, hate the system." Good luck.

Misc Side Projects:

  • System Searcher Chrome Extension
  • Napa Coin (ERC20 Standard Cryptocurrency token)