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I never trust someone who's more excited about success than about doing the thing they want to be successful at. --xkcd

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Elected janitor moderator ♦ on Programming Puzzles and Code-golf. Like doing horrible things to your code in the name of making it as short as possible? Come check it out!

Off of stack Exchange, I enjoy making music and listening to music 24/7. I also like rock climbing and video games.

On Stack Exchange, I like answering questions about vim, and finding challenges that are completely unsuitable for vim and then using vim as a golfing language. I've written a bunch of challenges in the past, so if you found an old challenge that you like, go ahead and answer it! I no longer accept answers on most of my challenges because I belive it is harmful for the site, but I like to encourage new answers to old challenges, so I tend to upvote new answers on my old challenges.

Because code-golf is really an intra-language competition, not an inter-language competition, I greatly enjoy using the worst possible language for the task. That's why I've written two different languages:

  • V, a golfing variant of vim that's only good at manipulating strings, but can do a bunch of other stuff if you have the patience.

  • Brain-flak, a turing tarpit where simple tasks are obscenely difficult, and the only valid code is balanced brackets.

If you ever need me for something, feel free to ping me in The Nineteenth Byte, I'm basically in that room constantly. Or you can email me at DJMcMayhem[at]gmail[dot]com.

:w !sudo tee %

We did not invent The Algorithm. The algorithm is banned in 47 countries. The algorithm is on-topic on 87 percent of SE sites. The Algorithm consistently finds Jon Skeet. The algorithm cannot be detected by regex. This is not the algorithm. This is close.

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