Dan Knauss

Sioux Center, IA


I've been a self-taught coder in some form since 1979 when I was six years old. In school and on my own I learned BASIC, a little Assembly, PASCAL, and a little C -- mostly via the popular 8 and 16-bit Motorola based machines that were popular in the 1980s. In college I moved on to the PC and Windows but put programming aside as I became more focused on written/spoken languages, literature, and history. I quit fooling around on BBSes, but usenet and the interwebs later pulled me back in.

In 1995 my first graduate program was at a technology and engineering focused university (NCSU) that had a fully networked campus with SPARCstations all over the place. Everyone got an account on the network with a web folder, which set me on a new path with *NIX and soon HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I've been a maker of "websites" since then, a craft I did on the side for many years until it became a large part of "what I do." I've worked with a number of open source and non-open source web applications for publishing/CMS, eCommerce, and other tasks. Today that is mainly WordPress. (You can read my "WordPress Origins" story at wordpress.org.)

I'm a latecomer to the Apple/Mac bandwagon; although I loved and learned a lot as a kid on their early products, I hated them until OS X came out, and Windows lost my attention after 7. As an early fan of PalmOS devices (PocketPC/Windows CE not so much) the iPhone was the "convergence" device I was waiting for that ended up "converging" my whole family. I usually keep a number of Linux distributions running around the house in different uses -- currently Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu, Edubuntu, and Lubuntu.

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