Sahana Rajan

Delhi, India


Currently pursuing doctorate, researching about nature of interactions in metaphysics. I have previously worked on the brain as a complex system and the emergence of mind.

Over the past few months, I am trying to understand interactions. I have heard that there is a distance that physicists (or scientists?) tend to keep from metaphysicians owing to our reputation as crazy-talkers without any grounding in empirical studies (basically, owing to allegiance to the a prior).

I am here to ground myself, to learn about what is happening in physics and would be grateful to work through texts to understand the philosophical implications of findings in physical sciences. I truly believe that it is through rigorous testing (in varying ways) that hypothesis can be confirmed, revised, overthrown and for decades, physics has been most responsible towards the testing of its theories.

Initially, I am going to have trouble framing questions since I am not used to the vocabulary. My primary language is that of philosophy. I hope that the community will forgive me for this shortcoming. Thank you!

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