I am a full stack developer who like to work with these technologies: ASP.NET MVC, EPiServer (CMS / Commerce), jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, TypeScript.

I currently work on a new site ( made in Angular 4 with an ASP.NET backend. The site is like an either-or question "game", where you can vote for all sorts of hypothetical, strange and funny questions. It has a comment plugin for users to discuss the various questions. I'm trying to make the engine intelligent so that it presents only the types of questions that the user finds interesting. Currently it's only in Danish, but I plan to eventually launch an English language version.

Besides that I created a linq samples site ( a few years ago. It has linq code examples in c#, and f#, showing both lambda and query type expression syntax.

Although I think Angular is great, my next project will probably be in vue.js, as it looks like a cool scripting language.