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Maryland, USA

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Prosody Vereable Context real name,

Gabriel Gaston Croft birth name,

Either name works for me, really.

Primary Contact/About:

  • ∫ (my first and only Facebook account)
  • ∫ (my first Twitter account)
  • ∫ (my current Reddit account)
  • ∫ (my first Reddit account)
  • ∫ (to be professional)
  • ∫ (very techie swagger)
  • ∫ (just my partial writing, and my first domain name ever)
  • ∫ (just my partial writing)
  • ∫ (just my partial writing)

Ping/mention (click my icon and use the @ sign) me in public chat, otherwise send a public Facebook post/comment or Twitter tweet, if curious to talk.

I historically preferred public queries over private message (with my real name in a public room my/the real preference setting). I generally text by choice over any other form of communication, because written/textual communication has a record and voice does not record well, so I (since day one) prefer recording myself by text/chat.

Other Links:

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  • ∫*

My very first question, is my long-term question. Oh and also my first question may make sense if read with that.

I coded (part of, a psychology project with "Psy Z Hundredthoughts" is under sensitive construction, meaning who knows how to make that a formula yet really, and if it (the word math log) might matter?

Joined too, if we are asking, oh and to (, not exactly "Psy Z" ideas yet.

I began Community Questions through and through the Git and Psychology Quora Topics, all saved to the record log.

At ( , , for rounding the definitions.