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Kurt Fitzner

Halifax, Canada

I currently work for the Government of Canada in what could be called its foreign policy implementation department. However, in the past I have been a software developer and project manager, mainly for process control and automation type projects. I also have had several open source project with varying degrees of implementation. One of them, an encryption product explorer extension, is still in wide distribution and use. I keep my toes dipped into the technical side of things as much as my current job's time requirements allow, and would call myself a nerd that (more or less) successfully passes through social skill emulation.

My current technical hungers are being satisfied by amateur radio, of which I am a relatively new licensee (callsign VA1DER), and in augmenting and modernizing my understanding of radio electronics. My goal is to work towards modernizing ham radio methods and projects, which are still only in the infancy stages of accepting true open hardware/source methods.

You can reach me via email to: my_first_name at my_amateur_callsign dot my_two_letter_country_code.