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I enjoy SO for the daily challenges it presents me that I wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to look at. I am here to learn as much as I am here to teach despite the few questions I have posted. After all, teaching is the best way to learn.

I grew up with a computer in my room (father was an IBMer) and therefore I've been hacking since before I can remember. However, ever since my first geocities site, I have been fascinated with web development and design and thats where I placed my focus over the length of my career.

Like most from my era, I cut my teeth with a traditional LAMP stack, however, in 2010 I began hacking around on Node.js and fell in love with full stack Javascript development. Thats not to say I don't believe in the right tool for the right problem. I will occasionally dust off my PHP/Ruby/Python/C++ skills when the project calls for solutions those languages are more apt to solve.

I am a proud supporter of the Vanilla-js Framework, have an avid distain for Coffeescript and see Prototypical inheritance for its advantages rather than its differences with Classical inheritance. Unlike most who treat Javascript as a "toy language" and only learn enough to be dangerous, I have followed and worshiped the teachings of Douglas Crawford from the beginning.

I'm not here for rep or badges. I typically only down vote when its apparent the OP is asking the community to do their homework/job or the answer uses jQuery when only Javascript was tagged.

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