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  • RDBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Lite.
  • Langs: JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python

Microsoft SQL Server is objectively not a real database: it is the Devil's Inferior Stateful Abacus. Find the Microsoft "Closed as Won't Fix" social media network here. #SQLserverIsAnInsideJob

MySQL is even worse. It's a failed attempt at applying a server-client model to Lotus 1-2-3.

For a swift proletarian revolution and an end to fascism, vote Evan Carroll in the next Moderator Election.

PostgreSQL Types

  • Instagram IDs
  • Email type
  • Phone type
  • Bignums
  • Pixels

PostgreSQL Posts

  • Upgrading schema to not require double quotes
  • Date vs (month,year)
  • Handling measurements inside the database
  • How to parse an address
  • Searching in n-dimensional space
  • Why SELECT count(*) returns 1
  • How to generate a time series
  • Triggerz on triggerz triggaz
  • Occurrence of substring in a string
  • intarray push (+) vs array-to-element concatenation (||)
  • custom window functions

Gaps and Islands

  • Null Checking with IS NULL or CASE
  • Solving with dense_rank()
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