IPv6 deployment is 13 years behind where it should have been. If you think disabling IPv6 is ever the correct solution to a problem then you are part of the problem. If you ask how to disable IPv6 you can expect a downvote from me. If you suggest disabling IPv6 as a solution you can expect a downvote from me.

Applying a logistic growth model to the numbers published by Google predicts that 2018 Sep 1 will be the first day Google see more than 50% IPv6 traffic and 2019 Jan 18 will be the last day Google see more than 50% IPv4 traffic. During the time between those two dates the numbers will be fluctuating with more than 50% IPv4 traffic on weekdays and more than 50% IPv6 traffic during weekends and holidays.

Should you ever want to give me remote access to a machine, my ssh public key is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDM1Ot12ThbTcPOGpfh7AiRqp3P4BMm3DNo4mDg7gDFPwCmM9rKRHTH0fBVSqkSGlXm84q29bckDukg7vfqkbTpbkP3e2YmTkP6p1J2SoX2QMUnBRRgL9It/ZiAfA2I4QzUrcywVvokO1F2DqcRLy5e5wKTUFfvIm6D2QfBmGbnW2Kkpn16hQyLT1ClXjFC1qXUhazePv0cAtWUCUGjRcLr/ipOphS7eOB46cGhYqtbMkKx0t93ZG4f6jM0o32cYy3RqprpZpTmCeG1gDyG+IlSLBYXYggr72iwTKsTZ9pMDTCBQ8Pb7l317TPOcJzTtDxnpgpGE3x4Vu/Ww+zhsIeT kasperd 2014 May 24

Sometimes I wonder if this xkcd comic might actually be inspired by StackExchange.

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