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Gregg DesElms

Napa, California USA

I thought I had a login here using MyOpenID, but that's obviously dead, now.

Note to self: Never trust Janrain (MyOpenID's operator), or its CEO Larry Drebes, again.

So now I look like a newbie, just signing-up in March of 2014. [sigh]

I'm a management consultant and IT Pro for pushing 40 years. Here's my card (a PDF file).

I'm a socio/political liberal/progressive, and proud of it. More on that, here.

I'm also a Christian, with a deep and abiding faith; but, wait...

...don't lump me in with right-winged, knuckleheaded, Bible-thumping, conservative Christians who use the Bible and their literal, inerrant/infallible interpretation thereof as weaponry; and who've misappropriated -- nay, verily absconded with -- the very word "Christian" (and all its derivations), and so have given it a bad name. I'm a liberal/progressive Christian; ecumenical, and Wayne-Teasdale-esque interspiritual (as opposed to "interfaith," which is way misunderstood and misused, today). I am, therefore, open to most other faith traditions, and don't try to shove mine down anyone's throat; and I'm way okay with agnostics, atheists and secular humanists...

...though I sure wish they'd be a little less derisive and abusive in their criticism of such as I; and atheist Tibor Krausz agrees... bless him. (Ha! See what I did there? A little progressive Christian humor.)

More on my religious views here.

My now-nearly-full-time chaplaincy is a ministry of agency/advocacy to/for the homeless, disabled vets, the indigent elderly, the prostituted, recent parolees, single moms with kids or entire families in poverty, and others similarly in need.

As part of my ministry, to sort of give back a little of what my consulting career has given to me, I help worthy not-for-profit organizations (and individuals, too) who need it; and I do it for free (or, if not for free, then for only what it actually costs me... my actual expenses, which I document, and not a penny more. If they want to donate to my ministry, though, what the heck: I'll take it!

Oy! [sigh] I hate bio areas of websites like this; so that's enough for now; maybe forever.

Gregg L. DesElms | 895 Jackson St., #319 | Napa CA 94559-1321

1-877-383-5148 (toll-free voice) | (206) 984-1288 (reglar-dialed fax)

gregg at greggdeselms dot com (email)

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