Kaj Hansen

Athens, GA


"Math is torture. Our mathematical proficiency is proportional to the extent we have tortured ourselves."

"I run into so many people who want to solve an entire problem in their head before they try anything. I tell them they have to start wiggling, and if that doesn't work, try thrashing."

My name is Kaj Hansen, and I'm a fourth-year undergraduate in mathematics at the University of Georgia. I recently finished an REU here at UGA under the direction of Dr. Robert Rumely, studying arithmetic dynamics in Berkovich space. I'm currently taking cryptography and my third course in algebra, as well as working on applications for graduate schools.

As one might guess from my posts here, I am particularly fond of abstract algebra, and I plan on pursuing it further in graduate school. Despite this, I am also (slowly) putting together the Internet's first video series on Ramsey theory. This can be found in its incomplete form here.

To contact me, you can either ping me in the chat or send me an email at khansen3@uga.edu. I only ask that you not email me questions that could be asked on here instead.

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