I'm currently working as an Animator-Illustrator for an Educational Technology company based in the Philippines! However, due to a lack of applicants for coding and programming development, I am also willingly taking a dual role as a Multimedia Developer for the company!

However, I'm very, very new to the programming language we use; Javascript (subsequently, jQuery, which is the newest addition to my coding knowledge). And this is why I've had to make an account on StackOverflow!

To all who've read my about; thanks for taking the time, and I apologize in advance for needing some extra explanation for the questions I ask, and the codes all of you generous people provide!


PS: I'm very comfortable with HTML and CSS now, as I've been working with it for years.
PPS: Willow Rosenberg was one of my idols as a child. I remember she was also very adept with computers! <3 I'm on my way to being a coder, Willow!

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