I am a Philomath with a palindrome name.

In short, I am a seventeen year Bible-believin' gal with a rockin' playlist and who likes to scribble thoughts on napkins, scrap papers, anything, everything, watch the Mentalist, and sip on insane amounts of coconut milk.

I am in college pursuing my love of anthropology, but I also enjoy sociology, theology psychology and (this should be obvious!) history and philosophy!

I hope not to offend anyone with my questions/answers. I promise, my only intention for being on here is to learn more, not condemn anyone, so in the chance I ever do, please know that my intentions were not that at all.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or just want to chat. I am always for meeting new people! My email: avalucky13@yahoo.com

Thank you for reading!

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