Toronto Island

iOS Developer located on Toronto Island

My experience includes 5 years of iOS programming in C++ and Objective C — and another 2 years of porting C++ and Objective C code to SWIFT. I’ve written two Shannon-type game engines in C++ (Chess Meister and NEX4), two engines in SWIFT (Chess Meister and Hnefatafl), and a MIDI enabled Music Invaders game to train musicians to read sheet music. These apps are available for the iPAD on the iTunes App Store:
• Chess Meister
• NEX4
• Music Invaders

As an app designer, I tend to a minimalist interface — but my deeper interest is in Artificial Intelligence — and for this reason I wrote the Chess and Connect 4 engines. Currently (2018) writing a new game engine based on Hnefatafl (viking chess) in Swift.

A longer term goal of creating recursive heuristic search like the MiniMax used in these engines — is developing a method for rendering light-dark interactions as described in Goethe's Theory of Colours — and creating a perceptual 3D Renderer incorporating this method.

For inquiries — please contact: chesschessmeister-at-gmail-dot-com

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