Judah Himango

Savage, MN


Web developer, speaker, entrepreneur, startup founder, dad, husband, Jewish follower of Jesus.

  • I created Youth Service Network's YsnMN.

    YsnMN is an awesome project to help homeless youth in Minnesota. I blogged about it here, and that blog post made it to the front page of HackerNews - woohooo!)

  • I created Chavah, the best Messianic Jewish and Hebrew Roots radio on the web.
  • I authored RavenDB's tooling, the HTML5 RavenDB Management Studio.
  • I built 3M's Visual Attention Service.
  • I'm the creator of MessianicChords.com, an ad-free HTML5 site for lyrics and guitar chords to Messianic Jewish music.
  • I built EtzMitzvot.com, a fun project visualizing the relationship between commandments in the Hebrew Bible.
    • I'm currently building a startup company, BitShuva, around open source internet radio.
  • I blog over at DebuggerDotBreak.
  • I help run Twin Cities Code Camp.
  • I run the oldest Messianic Jewish blog on the web, Kineti.

My current technological infatuations are TypeScript, Bootstrap, RavenDB.

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