Scotland, United Kingdom

I'm a Project Management Office Manager working for a small-ish business unit (~200 employees) which is part of a worldwide group (~40k employees). I am responsible for managing some key projects directly, and for supporting project management on about 30 - 40 projects per year across the 4 development sites. We design, maintain and sell handheld instruments, permanently installed monitoring equipment, and software to support them.

I've been an engineer since 1986, starting in DSP hardware but moving to pure software in 1990. I've worked on digital radio, speech encoding & encryption, CD-i applications, Win16 and Win32 applications, CGI script applications and Windows CE (2.11 through to 6.0) applications, using C, C++, C#, VB3, VB.NET, Perl, HTML, Linux shell scripts, DOS batch files etc.

Thankfully I am no longer a hands-on programmer, but I still know enough to be helpful... I am still a hands-on project manager.