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Karachi, Pakistan

I am Full Stack Ruby On Rails/NodeJS/Php Developer and A VoIP/DevOps Engineer experience having various technical skills Linux, Apache, Mysql, Postgres, MongoDB, NodeJS Deployment of Solutions, Security and Monitoring, Nagios, Monit, Opensips, Asterisk, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, Api development etc.

I am Strong believer of Open Source clean code development, focus in quality and reusability. I am a lover of Agile Principles, Test Driving Development and practices. Have been using Ruby on Rails, PHP and Javascript. I always try to be up-to-date in the IT World. I was always divided into programming and system administration, so have very strong skills in Linux systems with respect to security and VoIP telecommunications software.

Specialties: Strong background in IT management, recruiting, policy making, Managing Mobile application development, Designing and optimisation database structure, software architecture experience in enterprise size environment, comfort with and understanding of version control and continuous integration, strong Object Oriented Design and Functional programming. Currently working on Ruby on Rails, ELixir/Phoenix Framework and PHP. Knowledge of SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL and other similar databases. Worked on different technologies PHP, Javascript, web technologies, Elixr, Phoenix and many frameworks. Web service expertise SOAP, REST, JSON, XML and wide exposure to third-party libraries and API integrations. Strong understanding of Unit Testing. Ability to build and guide the technology team and resolve any issue that arises. Mentoring juniors, code review, best practice, security policy implementations, helping juniors to code better, git code reviews.