Aris Koning

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mathematician and software & data engineer.

I have a strong appetite for mission critical data-driven application & infrastructure development in complex environments where horizontally and vertically scalable high-performance and/or high-availability play pivotal roles.

My interests in software development range from native applications and system level programming all the way up to web & java based technology with C++ being my favorite language. Implementing database kernels, DSL compilers, analytical libraries and optimizing this stuff for specific use cases, hardware, operating systems and (cloud) infrastructure is what I consider Bread and Butter.

I am working for MonetDB Solutions where we help to maintain the open source column store MonetDB and facilitate commercial deployment and support.

Besides software development I still love learning about pure mathematical topics like how to generalize the Feynman-Kac and Itō formulae for stochastic processes defined on smooth manifold, but also applied topics like how backpropagation works in neural networks and how memory can be modeled using recurrent neural networks. And once I have some understanding of whatever I like to disseminate my knowledge through the art of teaching and mentoring.

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