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James Allardice

St Albans, United Kingdom

I'm a senior engineer and co-founder of orangejellyfish, with a passion for all things web development. I am a particularly big fan of ES2015 (ES6), React, Node, CouchDB and (in the past) jQuery (38th to earn the gold jQuery badge, 57th to earn the gold JavaScript badge). You can follow me on Twitter as @james_allardice.

Some things I've written:

  • - Get detailed explanations of JSLint, JSHint and ESLint error messages.
  • Placeholders.js - An HTML5 placeholder attribute polyfill. No dependencies on jQuery.
  • Patterns.js - An HTML5 pattern attribute polyfill. No dependencies, and works in IE6!
  • Progressive.js - Interact with the DOM before it's ready!
  • gzipper - Find the gzipped size of any file or text
  • Notepad++ jQuery code hints - A Notepad++ plugin to provide jQuery autocompletion.
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