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Roselle, IL, United States

My days are filled with security-minded full-stack development for high-TPS distributed networks.

I have been accepted as a SANS Mentor, and am GWEB (a GIAC certification for Secure PHP Development) and GWAPT (a GIAC Web Application Penetration Testing certification) certified. I am currently going through the OSCP materials, and have my OSCP examination set up for March of 2017.

I speak at conferences regarding developer work-flow, security with respect to being a developer (not just Ops), and how to utilize and develop your own tools. Next up, I will be giving a talk at UMSA for their April 2017 WebTrax conference. The will be my "Security in the Grind" presentation, which has a solid reputation for being engaging as well as informative.

I spent several years in the trenches of Miva Merchant development, both in template scripting as well as module development. While Miva Merchant is a well-performing e-commerce platform, there definitely is a lack of open documentation for independent developers. So, when I left Miva development, I rebranded and open-sourced my modules for the community and merchants alike.

In development, I have a passion for pair-programming when it makes sense, TDD / BDD, continuous integration, version control, kanban/scrum, peer-reviews, frequent deployment, and cross-team collaboration.