Houston, TX


Geek, with lots of love towards SharePoint and Programming.

You Can Hire Me:

senthil dot kumar at ksenthil dot net

I have around 11 Years Experience in SharePoint & Microsoft Technologies. I have been working with SharePoint 2007 right from its beta release and was responsible for executing many SharePoint project from scratch in most areas in SharePoint ( ECM, Customizations & Branding & deep knowledge in custom application development). Last project I worked was for a client who wanted to develop a Product out of It, this gave me an opportunity & exposure to Product development that will serve needs of various clients. Other than this I have strong exposure to ASP.NET & C# coding right from my career start. I had been rated as top performer in my past positions. My day to day activates include Getting in touch with the User & Client to understand the requirement, arrive at a design, code & Implementation.

I am looking for an opening that will help to add strength to my core values, give an exposure & opportunity to use my strength & add value to customers existing IT infrastructure. I prefer to work on SharePoint projects most of the time & occasionally if need in other Microsoft Technology as well. If you want to hire me send me a note to my email id I will get in touch with you sooner than speeding bullet.My Mail Id is