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Just a concerned citizen who is increasingly disturbed by the deprivation of our civil rights in the name of national security. I blog (not as consistently as I would like) on the topic, both items newsworthy and practical. I tweet on occasion via @uncivillibrties.

I was a 17 year old kid when I walked into a conference room to eat my dinner at ABC News. A moment later Ted Koppel walked in with the same intention. I apologized and made to leave. He insisted I stay and he gave me a half hour lesson on how to understand the news as we watched the ABC News show at 7 PM (EDST). What an eye opener! Since then I have tried to follow the happenings on our globe and learn the political history thereof.

Acknowledging that that can be a daunting task, it is also made challenging when we remember that history is written by the winners. Ans sometimes, it is written by accepted folktale. I recently read a historian's take on the old adage that historically people drank beer because the water was polluted. His argument is folk tale! People liked to be drunk on beer. But, I digress.

I am not a revolutionary...yet. I read a little about the history of those folk and many of them come from human care professions, like doctors. But many of them also came from privileged classes. I am neither, but I have not spent my life squawking about my socioeconomic lot in life. While I have voted in most of the elections I was eligible to (and paid attention to the issues and the platforms), I would not classify myself as 'political'. Maybe until now.

Anyway, that is so enough. Thanks for stopping in, I'd offer some coffee, but have no idea where they keep the coffee brewer in this topic. Cheers.

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